Thursday, November 16, 2023

How to Get a Hospital Through a Door and Into a Home Video

How to Get a Hospital Through a Door and Into a Home Video via @YouTube #hospitalbed #medicalbed #delivery #home #hillrom #refurbished

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Linet Eleganza Hospital Bed Review The Linet hospital bed is a full electric medical bed that includes a host of beneficial features including a chair position, mobile remote control - pendant and the ability to extend an extra 8 inches in length for taller patients. This hospital bed is made and engineered in Germany and the Czech republic and is known as a durable and reliable hospital bed. Our Review of the Linet Eleganza bed: We like this bed and appreciate the fact that it is well built and much lighter than many hospital beds made by Hill Rom and Stryker that are sometimes used for home care, long term care and special acute care needs. We like the fact that it is also a little lower in price than other bed models allowing many people with limited budgets to get a high quality electric medical bed at an affordable price.

We sell Linet hospital beds including the Linet Eleganza at our hospital bed company store locations below. USA Med Bed, LLC - Hospital Direct Medical Equipment San Diego California (858) 263-4894 Richmond Virginia (540) 327-7376 Email View new, used and refurbished hospital bed models for sale. #hospitalbed #linet #refurbished #eleganza #medical #bed #company #review

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hill Rom Hospital Bed Models Used Refurbished View a variety of Hill Rom hospital beds sold used-refurbished. Hill Rom is known as one of the premier hospital bed company manufacturers that makes medical beds for bed sores, wound care, long term care, home care and hospitals. USA Med Bed, LLC sells used Hill Rom beds to customers all over the United States and all over the world. Contact us below or visit our website for hospital bed models and prices.

Find bed models including Hill Rom P3200 Versacare, Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport. Hill Rom P1840 Bariatric Sport Bed, Hill Rom P7500 Progressa bed and learn more about other Hill Rom bed features and models. San Diego California (858) 263-4894 or (858) 652-1259 Richmond Virginia / Cincinnati Ohio 540-327-7376 #hospitalbed #hillrom #model #used #refurbished

Friday, September 15, 2023

What's the Difference Between a Home Care Bed and a Real Hospital Bed What is the difference between a home care medical bed and a hospital bed used in hospitals? Our video showcases the difference between what many people get from insurance as a home care bed and what features a hospital grade bed has. Learn more about hospital beds and buy used-refurbished beds and new full electric medical beds at our website Contact our hospital bed company to buy a hospital bed or get your questions answered below. We sell all types of full electric beds. Richmond Virginia - East Coast 540-327-7376 San Diego - Los Angeles California West Coast * We ship all over the United States

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

What Type of Hospital Bed Does Insurance Provide?

Hospital Beds Provided by Insurance Companies

Below are some of the basic hospital beds provided by insurance carriers. This is not always what you will get however it gives you a good general overview of what more insurance companies provide. Watch the video below to learn more about hospital beds for home care and long term care. A very common question people ask is "What type of hospital bed does insurance provide?" Although there are many bed options the beds provided by insurance are normally home care medical beds. Some beds are semi electric and other bed models would be full electric, with a full electric bed having a power up and down feature and not a crank. This video shows what the average hospital bed from insurance will include and how that differs from hospital beds used in hospitals.

For people that need a hospital grade bed we offer a wide range of new and used refurbished beds from multiple manufacturers and can ship and deliver anywhere in the United States. Contact us below for more information (858) 263-4894 San Diego - Southern California (540) 327-7376 Richmond Virginia - Cincinnati Ohio
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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Anti Aging Bed Cover Helping People Sleep Better!

New Bed Cover with Earthing and Grounding Helping People Sleep

Anti Aging Bed Cover - Earthing grounding bed cover that is very soft cotton and provides electrons to the body while sleeping thus neutralizing free radical cells! Use this link and save 5% and get FREE Shipping in the US!

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Call us for more information at 858-652-1259 or email us at and learn about this amazing technology!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sentida 6 High Low Hospital Bed

Sentida 6 High - Low to the Ground Hospital Bed

Low to the Ground Hospital Bed for People at Risk of Falling 
Out of Bed with a "Binetic Surface"

The Linet Sentida 6 hospital bed is a "high-low" bed that sits just 12 inches off the ground and is ideal for pediatric, senior care, handicapped and patients at risk of falling out of bed. This durable full electric bed includes: Power up and down Power head up and down Power foot up and down Power BiMedix support position to reduce bed sores and pressure wounds Trendelenburg Reverse Trendelenburg (Can be put into a chair position) This bed is made by Wissner Bosserhoff - part of The Linet Group of companies in The Netherlands. It comes with a full one year warranty and is used in hospitals, long term care, home care, senior care and nursing homes.

Binetic surface bed frame reduces the pressure on the mid section of the body and reduces bed sores and pressure wounds. Contact us below for more information including prices below. Linet Sentida 6 Hospital Bed "High - Low" Medical Bed iMedical Equipment and Service San Diego California 858-263-4894 Richmond - Virginia Beach Virginia 804-929-6886 Cincinnati Ohio 513-314-1079