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Best Adjustable Full Electric Bed for Home Use - Hill Rom Advance Series Hospital Bed

Best Adjustable Full Electric Bed for Home Use -
Hill Rom Advance Series Hospital Bed

When it comes to choosing a full electric hospital bed there are
many choices and many brands of beds in the marketplace to
look at.

Our hospital bed store carries nearly a dozen models of hospital
beds and the top 3 selling beds we carry are below.

1. Hill Rom Advance Series bed - a full electric medical bed with
6 electric positions including head up and down, foot up and down,
the entire bed up and down, (2) Trendelenburg settings and a
"chair position".

Hill Rom Advanta bed, Hill Rom Advance Series bed (middle)

This is our best selling hospital bed since it can be tipped sideways
and easily get into a home and set up in a bedroom. This bed
is known to be reliable and also easy to use.  

2. Hill Rom Advanta P1600 hospital bed - one series newer than
the Hill Rom Advance Series bed these beds are also very popular.
The bed weight is about 100 lbs heavier than the Advance bed and
the functionality is the same. Both beds are 90 inches long (93 with
bumpers) 40 inches wide when both rails are out and they site 17
inches from the ground to the bed pan.

3. TotalCare P1900 Treatment Hospital Bed
This is another popular hospital bed model we carry for patients that
need an air flow mattress system and are concerned with skin breakdown
and also bed sores. This hospital bed is an "ICU" style bed with a
"full chair" position also makes this an excellent bed for patients
with limited mobility.

We carry a wide variety of hospital beds for all types of use
and locations. For patients on a second floor or for those
looking for a brand NEW bed the Invacare 5410 electrichospital bed
is also a good choice when looking for a bed that is easy to ship.

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