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Long Term Care Hospital Bed Models and Choices That Avoid Patient Bed Entrapment

Long Term Care Hospital Bed Models and Choices That Avoid Patient Bed Entrapment

What is Bed Entrapment and What Hospital Bed and Bed Rail System is the Best Choice? 

Hospital Bed entrapment is a very real concern in Long Term Care facilities and communities and hospital bed rail designs are a major factor to consider when choosing a bed for nursing home care and long term care facilities.. When the HBSW explains "bed entrapment", it’s referring to a resident becoming caught by their head, neck or chest in the tight spaces around the bed rail. It can happen when a vulnerable resident attempts to move within or exit his or her bed without assistance and is caused by getting body parts in the gaps between rails, between the mattress and rail or getting limbs through the bed rails. This can be due to a number of reasons, including acute urinary retention, delirium, confusion, pain or agitation. And unfortunately, entrapment can result in serious injuries and even death. From 1985 to 2009, the FDA received approximately 803 entrapment reports – 480 of which resulted in death. Reports have also identified the most vulnerable population to be the elderly, especially those who are frail, confused, restless and those who do not have full control over their body movements.

When choosing a medical bed or hospital bed for long term care, nursing home care or for
special needs patients the bed rail system is an important consideration for caregivers and
staff. "Half Rails" or "Three Quarter Rail" choices are the most popular since the patient
can still get safely in and out of the bed without a rail having to be brought down by a care
giver as is the case with standard hospital beds and the rail system still provides a hand grip to
assist getting in and out of the bed. Modern bed rail designs as shown below and made to avoid the patient getting limbs stuck between rails, between the bed rail and mattress and to not allow enough room for the head or body limbs to get entangled.

There are a host of hospital bed models and choices that offer a three quarter
rail or half rail design and are designed for long term care patients. Some
of these options are provided below. If you are a long term care provider,
nursing home care facility or are looking for a safe and reliable hospital
bed / medical bed for home use these are models to consider when making
a purchase or buying beds.

1. Invacare High Low Medical Bed Model 5410

This is a second bed model sold by Invacare that sits just
7 inches from the ground to the bed pan and reduces the risk for
patients that could easily fall out of bed. By remaining very close
to the ground there is little space to fall and many times a second
mattress is laid out next to the bed to ensure anyone coming out
of the bed area lands on a safe and padded area. This hospital bed
is very popular for long term care facilities and is normally sold
with half rails brand new with shipping for only $947.00 and
includes shipping and a 1 year warranty.

2. Invacare Carroll C7 Low Hospital Bed
This is an upgraded version of the Invacare 5410 low hospital bed
and one of the main upgrades is a solid metal bed pan and not a
spring bed pan providing more support and an upgraded rail
system that moves up and down.  This "low bed" model sells for
$2,377.00 and includes shipping in the USA.

3. CHG / Stryker Spirit Low Bed

This hospital bed has model is a commercial grade hospital bed with
an 10 inch from ground to bed pan sleeping surface and also has a scale
and bed exit alarm system in place. This hospital bed model is ideal
for elderly patients and also patients on medication because it reduces the
risk of falling out of bed and the bed rail system is designed with all
of the bed entrapment issues in mind. These hospital beds sell fully refurbished
for $2,779.00 and are very popular in hospitals and surgical centers. The bed
sits low to the ground but is able to elevate to a normal bed height to help
caregivers take care of patients without having to bend over.

If you are looking for a reliable and specially designed "low bed" or a
medical bed for long term care, nursing home care or for elderly patients
these bed models provide a good start to find a solution for your patient care
needs. Contact "Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc." for more information
on these bed models, bed leasing options and other questions for purchasing
the right bed for your needs and price range. We are able to ship hospital beds
all over the United States, Canada and International destinations.

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Long Term Care Hospital Bed Models and Choices That Avoid Patient Bed Entrapment

Invacare 5410 low hospital bed above - sold complete
with half rails and foam mattress for only $1,177.00

CHG "Spirit bed" sold refurbished with scales and bed exit
for only $2, 779.00

Low beds, long term care hospital beds, beds for elderly patients,
medical beds that avoid entrapment.

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