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Reconditioned Hill Rom Advance Beds with 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Reconditioned Hill Rom Advance Series Hybrid Hospital Bed with 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty in USA

One of the best Hill Rom hospital bed models ever made is the
"Advance 1000 Series" medical bed. A 6 function bed this model
has tuck under rails and also a "Chair position".

PRICE Per Bed = $1,650 includes NEW Mattress

Known as a durable and reliable hospital bed with a 1 year warranty
for parts AND LABOR for a used hospital bed price that includes
a NEW mattress. 

This fully reconditioned hospital beds has been rebuilt from
the ground up and fully 
repainted with new control boards,
coupling motor parts, 
plastic rails, stickers,
wheels and head and foot boards.

This bed is very durable and reliable and comes with a
1 year parts and labor warranty in the continental USA
to back up everything stated above.

This bed also has "Trendelenburg" features and a "Chair Position"
also referred to as "cardiac chair" which lifts the patient upright
for improved blood circulation and helping with comfort and eating
in bed.

This bed price INCLUDES a brand new mattress and this bed is
perfect for long term care, home medical care, nursing home care,
nursing schools, surgery centers, psychiatric wards, and hospitals
looking for a refurbished / reconditioned medical bed that is reliable
and durable for a fraction of the cost of buying new. 

Hundreds of beds in current inventory ready to ship

Nurse station controls have been taken out of foot board
and placed in a specially built bumper for added longevity and 
NEW head and foot boards come with a lifetime warranty.

Cost does NOT include shipping costs - please contact us
on eBay or call with shipping quotes and questions
at 858-652-1259 or 858-263-4894

* We can arrange in home delivery for residential customers* We can normally ship beds within 72 hours of payment
* Hospital beds can be picked up by customer from Aurora Indiana Warehouse
within 24 hours of payment -   

Bed payment can be made via, Visa, Mastercard,
American Express or Discover or wire transfer. 

High quality full electric, adjustable,
Hill Rom Advance hospital bed with

1. head up and down
2. foot up and down
3. bed up and down
4. Trendelenburg head up
5. Trendelenburg foot up
6 "chair position" feature
One of the best hospital bed models ever made this fully reconditioned / refurbished
bed is made to provide years of reliable use.


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Refurbished / Reconditioned Hill Rom Hospital Bed Dealer

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hill Rom Hospital Bed Prices Reconditioned and Refurbished Bed Models

Hill Rom Hospital Bed Prices Reconditioned and
Refurbished Bed Models for Sale USA Bed Dealer

Hill Rom is one of the best hospital beds made in the USA
and Hill Rom hospital beds refurbished and reconditioned
are becoming more popular for hospitals, nursing homes,
senior care facilities, nursing schools and residential home
use as purchasing budgets become tighter for buying medical

Below is a list of reconditioned and refurbished Hill Rom
hospital bed models and pricing for full electric adjustable
hospital beds.

"Reconditioned" hospital beds come with a 1 year warranty
and "refurbished" hospital beds come with a 30 day warranty.

Hill Rom Hospital Bed Model Prices / Refurbished / Reconditioned /

Reconditioned beds include new mattress / refurbished beds do
not include new mattress.

1. Hill Rom Advance Series Hospital Bed
Reconditioned = $1600
Refurbished = $850

2. Hill Rom Advanta P1600 Hospital Bed

Reconditioned = $2,500
Refurbished = $1,200

3. Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport Bed with
auto patient turning mattress / percussion - vibration feature

Reconditioned = $13,500
Refurbished = $5,500

4. Hill Rom P3200 Versacare Bed with foam mattresss

Reconditioned = $4,500
Refurbished = $1,850

5. P3200 Versacare Bed with Air Mattress System

Reconditioned = $5,800
Refubished - not available - we will only sell these
fully reconditioned or "as is"

6. Hill Rom Careassist ES Hospital Bed 
Reconditioned = $3,700
Refurbished = $1,800

ORDER Hospital Beds or get price quotes for large orders

of 10 or more hospital beds at 858-263-4894 or 858-652-1259
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 Hill Rom Advance Series bed

 Hill Rom Advance Series bed

Hill Rom P1600 Advanta Bed

 Hill Rom P3200 Versacare bed

 Hill Rom P3200 Versacare bed

Hill Rom P3200 Versacare bed

Hill Rom TotalCare Sport hospital bed

 Hill Rom CareAssist ES hospital bed

Hill Rom CareAssist ES hospital bed

For more information on hospital bed prices and mattresses, shipping
costs and warranty information call us at 858-263-4894 or 858-652-1259
or email us at

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