Thursday, March 31, 2016

Refurbished Used Hospital Bed Models and Choices Hill Rom Stryker Beds

Refurbished Used Stryker and Hill Rom Hospital Bed Models
for Home Use, Hospital Use, Nursing School, Convalescent Homes

Refurbished - used hospital beds are one of the best values for
hospitals and home owners looking for high quality Stryker
and Hill Rom beds for a much lower price than the cost
of buying beds new.

The refurbished hospital beds come in 2 categories
1. "Med-surg" - full electric beds with foam mattress
2. "ICU" full electric beds with air mattress and scales

The majority of bed models are "med-surg" which
is the most common to suite the needs of patients.
The Stryker Secure 1 and Secure 2 hospital beds and
the Hill RomAdvance and Advanta p1600 are the most
popular bed models for normal patient needs.

The TotalCare Sport and TotalCare Treatment beds
are the most popular ICU refurbished bed models
with air mattress systems and a "full chair"
position to make patient transfers easy.

If you are looking to buy used Hill Rom or
Stryker beds refurbished or reconditioned
we can supply the needs of hospitals or
individual home owner - caregivers.

Visit our website for a list of refurbished
bed model prices and hospital bed furniture
and supplies at

Hospital beds with air mattress system that prevent and treat bed sores, skin ulcers and
pressure wounds made by Hill Rom

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment
“New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”

4901 Morena Blvd. #600
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday
USA Office phone: (858) 731-7278
Office #2 (858) 263-4894
USA Email:


Refurbished - used hospital bed models for sale
San Diego with delivery to Los Angeles,
Orange County CA, Riverside County,
Palm Springs and Southern California.

We ship used hospital beds anywhere in the USA


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