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Refurbished "Stryker Secure 2" Hospital Beds for Sale

Refurbished Stryker Secure 2 Hospital Beds for Sale
Top Refurbished Stryker Hospital Beds Models

The refurbished "Stryker Secure II or 2" hospital bed is one
of the top selling hospital beds being purchased by hospitals
and medical centers in the USA. The bed comes with round
rails and square rails with the square rail beds being the newer
and more expensive model.

Why Do Hospitals Like the "Refurbished
Stryker Secure 2" Model Bed?

There are a few reasons why the Secure II bed is so popular and
the first obvious reason is looks. The bed looks good and is made
with high grade metal and plastic with easy to manage bed controls
for the caregiver and patient.

Fully Refurbished Secure 2 beds have new stickers, paint and other
parts that make them look brand new even though they are used.

Hospitals want to save money without compromising on quality
and the Stryker Secure 2 bed does not disappoint. The Stryker Secure
2 bed model is one generation behind the current model hospital bed
being sold called the "S3", or Styker Secure 3 bed.

"Top Refurbished "Med-Surge" Hospital Bed Models include
the Stryker Secure 2 hospital bed. For more information on
this bed or for pricing contact us at hospitaldirectmedical

Retractable bed frame
Technical Specifications
Overall Width 42.5"
Overall Size (fully extended length) 93"
Max backrest elevation 0 - 60 degrees
Max knee gatch 0 - 40 degrees
Trend/Reverse Trend ±12 degrees
Maximum Patient Weight 500 lbs

Refurbishing Stryker Secure 2 beds (top photo)

Refurbished Hill Rom Advance and Advanta P1600 beds (below photo)

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