Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Refurbished Hospital Beds for Sale

Refurbished Hospital Beds for Sale - What is a Refurbished Bed?

Refurbished hospital beds are a fast growing choice for hospitals,
nursing homes, medical / surgical clinics and also residential homes.

The benefit of refurbished hospital beds is that you can get a reliable
medical bed for a reduced price and save money from the price
of buying new.

Refurbished hospital beds normally come in 2 versions and the
client normally chooses what is best for them.

1. Partially Refurbished Beds -
A partially refurbished bed will be mechanically sound and all
items will be serviced and fixed but extra money for a full
repainting or buying new plastic is skipped for a lower price.
These beds are durable and reliable and come with a 90 day

2. Fully Refurbished Beds -
A fully refurbished hospital bed will have all mechanical issues
fixed and repaired along with new wheels, stickers, cuplings
and refurbished head and foot boards. This bed is also completely
repainted and is in new condition. These beds come with a
one year warranty.

The 2 most common brands of beds refurbished are made
by Hill Rom and Stryker and include Hill Rom 840 Centra beds,
Hill Rom 850 Century beds, Hill Rom P1400 Century Plus beds,
Hill Rom Advance 1000 Series beds (most popular), and also
the Hill Rom P1600 Advanta bed.

Stryker hospital bed models include the Stryker Secure 1,
Stryker Secure 2 (round and square rail) and also the Go
Plus beds.

For more information and resources on refurbished hospital
beds visit www.youtube.com/usedmedicalequipment

Used and refurbished hospital bed dealer specializing in
retail and wholesale hospital beds for sale from
Stryker and Hill Rom

Visit our website for more hospital bed photos and models.
Hospital Direct Medical Equipment“New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”

4901 Morena Blvd. #506
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday
USA Office phone: (858) 731-7278
Office #2 (858) 263-4894
USA Email: hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com

Refurbished Hospital Bed Dealer / Store serving all
of San Diego and delivering to Orange County,
Riverside County and all of Los Angeles County.

We ship beds all over the USA from Chicago,
Virginia, Los Angeles and San Diego.

We refurbish hospital beds, side bed cabinets
and over the bed tables.

Hill Rom Advance, Advanta and Century
bed refurbishing warehouse Los Angeles.

Refurbishing Advance Series beds in Los Angeles

New and refurbished Advanta P1600 rails

Fully refurbished Hill Rom Advance Series bed 

Get prices on refurbished hospital beds call 858-731-7278 or email us
at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com 


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